Who Do You Spend Your Week With?

What do you think, should I cheer this place up a bit? I hang out with a lot of peeps. I mean, it is like Party Central around here, what with the in-absentia surgery resident hubby, and the goes-to-bed-at-5:30 kiddo. I wonder if we have any mutual friends? Here’s who I hang out with on a regular basis:

On Sundays it’s a big sleepover with Eric, Annie, Matt, Sarah, Mary, Carlos, Charlie, Lucy, Kevin, Savannah, Simon, Ruthie, Sam, & David; Lynette, Tom, Susan, Mike, Julie, Bree, Orson, Gabrielle, & Carlos; Saul, Nora, Kitty, Sarah, Joe, Kevin, Justin, & Holly.

Then every Monday I play ball with Hiro, Mohinder, Simone, Isaac, Peter, Nathan, Niki, D.L., Micah, Matt, Claire, & H.R.G.

Of course there’s a weekly dinner party on Tuesdays with Lorelai, Rory, Logan, Christopher, Luke, April, Richard, Emily, Lane, Zach, Brian, Michel, & Sookie; Veronica, Keith, Logan, Mac, Wallace, Piz, Parker, Dick, & Weevil.

I’m always happy to see Wednesdays roll around, so that I can spend a little QT with my pals Johnston, Gail, Jake, Eric, Emily, Heather, Dale, & Robert; and Jordan, Jake, Matt, Danny, Harriet, Tom, Cal, & Simon.

By Thursday I am so ready to dish with Meredith, Derek, George, Izzie, Preston, Christina, Miranda, Addison, Mark, Callie, & Alex; and Betty, Ignacio, Hilda, Justin, Daniel, Wilhemina, Marc, Amanda, Christina, & Bradford.

I get serious on Friday and debate serious cultural and political affairs with John, Elizabeth, Jim, Martin, Juju, Deborah, & Barbara.

And thanks to modern conveniences, I get to buddy up every day with Cliff, Claire, Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, & Rudy; Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose; Julia, Suzanne, Charlene, & Mary Jo; Paul, Jamie, Ira, Fran, Mark, Burt, Sylvia, & Mabel; and Reba, Brock, Barbra Jean, Van, Cheyenne, Elizabeth, Kyra, Jake, & Henry.


5 Responses to Who Do You Spend Your Week With?

  1. Crunchy Carpets says:

    That took me a moment…

    I usually sacrifice tv to treehouse.

  2. tiffany says:

    i love how thanks to re-runs i get to hang out with monica, pheobe, rachel, chandler, joey and ross almost every day. if i can’t find them, i can usually find carrie, miranda, samantha and charlotte.
    so it’s all good.

  3. The NewDotFamily says:

    Oh, Tiffany, I forgot about those New Yorkers!!!! They aren’t on my Tivo lineup so I have to be flipping channels to see them. :0)

    I figure I should enjoy it while I can, in a year or so I’ll probably be spending all my time with Treehouse too!

  4. Angie says:

    Very cool post! 🙂 I may have to steal this idea for my blog sometime.

  5. […] also watched snippets of Sesame Street, Backyardigans, and It’s a Big, Big World. We’re clearly not a TV-free house, but I try to find some sort of moderation of the screen for Smooch. Usually I limit (myself) to […]

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