Woe, Be Gone!

My clothing woes are finally over. I went to Target this afternoon with the NDB, and I got an absolute haul of long-sleeved tops. Weeeeee! I decided to go with the basic v-neck and crewneck shirts, and I will rely on my trusty stash of cheapy tanktops underneath to manage the whole nursing-in-public issue. There are some absolutely beautiful nursing tops available, but since I got 7 shirts and a “deconstructed cardigan” for the price of about two of those, there was just no way I could have made the opposite choice. And, there is no monotone rut here, thank you very much – I now have shirts in a plummy pink, a burnt orange, a dark foresty green-teal, a dusky warm blue, an oatmeal heather, a steel gray, and a white; and the cardigan is a dark chocolatey brown. Yay me! I feel like I will actually look somewhat cute and pulled-together this fall and winter!


One Response to Woe, Be Gone!

  1. Fizzledink says:

    […] day, filled with too much cleaning for me and too much TV for the Smooch. We had to get out our fall/winter clothes out of storage bins, which begat many piles of clothes all over our bedroom. Clothes that need to be […]

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