Crunchy Update

Well, gentle readers, it’s time for an update on the crunch-alicious products I mentioned last month. Do you see where this is going? If you’re a squeamish man or a woman who’s managed to ignore her own cycle, you might want to check back with us tomorrow when the topic will be less…. uhm…. delicate.

I love everything!!!

First of all, I bought a DivaCup. It came with a pretty cloth drawstring bag for that three-weeks-a-month storage, and a little silvery flower pin to wear in case I want to advertise the fact that I’m Flowing With The Divas This Week, Y’all. The silicone is clear and it is very pliable and soft. On day one, I had to insert it three times to get everything “just right” (they aren’t kidding about making sure the cup ‘pops open’ in there) but after that it was smooth sailing. I even stumbled across a website with great photo illustrations of a few different ways to fold the cup before insertion, which was a big help. The first two days I had to empty the cup about every three hours, but I consider my cycle to be *very* heavy. Women with a more moderate period would probably be able to go with the pamphlet’s suggestion of emptying the cup about twice or three times daily.

Next, I had LunaPads to try! Mine is red, with black rickrack. (The rickrack works as a tab under which you can tuck additional inserts for more absorbency.) I love the softness of the material, and didn’t have any problem with the rickrack. (A friend of mine says that it is her ONE complaint – the rickrack is a bit irritating to her delicate parts.) The absorbency was perfect for a backup liner for the little bit of spotting I would have around time to empty the Cup.

Finally, I tried the Schkoon Organic Cotton Pads. They are soooooooo soft. I got the small pantiliner size and the larger “maxipad” size. (They also have an even larger “overnight” size.) One nice feature of these, is that there are additional cotton inserts –about the size of a washcloth, which you fold and insert into two flaps– so you can wear the same pad but change just the insert.

I washed all the mama cloth with NDB’s diapers and am really pleased. Nothing shrunk or bled colors or anything like that. I have a small, zippered-top wetbag (which I originally bought for diaper changes or cloth baby wipes) that I’m keeping in my bathroom. When I change my mama cloth pads, the used ones go in there. I wash diapers every other day, so I didn’t have any problems with them sitting too long, staining, or creating any smells.

Actually, on THAT subject, I was really surprised to find for the first time, oh, ever…. that I didn’t feel like I smelled badly this week. Apparently, the smell I had always associated with my period must have been caused by the chemicals and materials in my disposable menstrual products (or the way my body reacted to the chemicals and materials, whatever…) It was actually a positive, liberating discovery.

I have never had a body-image problem, or wrestled with feelings of inferiority because I’m a woman. I always liked being a girl, a young woman – I enjoy my femininity. But it reminds me of the way I felt when I discovered the Fertility Awareness Method. Suddenly, there was less of a mystery surrounding my body, and that knowledge was absolutely empowering. (I know that sounds cliche’d, but it really is true. Sorry.) This experiment with a more natural way of handling my cycle leaves me feeling a little more in tune with my body, a little more proud of my womanhood.

Crunchity, crunch, crunch, crunch.


3 Responses to Crunchy Update

  1. Kim C. says:

    Thanks for the review – I’ve been curious about the diva. Part of me just wants to say, “Ew!” and forget about it, but I like the idea of natural and non-consumable.
    And less odor? That part alone has almost sold me on the idea!
    Of course, I’m pretty much always pregnant so it might take til menopause for these things to pay for themselves…

  2. The NewDotFamily says:

    LOL! I have heard that one of the ‘myths’ about the Diva is that if you are would like to get pregnant, you should buy one and make a big deal about how it will “pay for itself in ___ number of cycles” – bingo! Preg-O! I don’t guess that works in reverse though! :o)

  3. […] lovely and dating padon     Hard to feel lovely when you’re dating with your pad on? Is that the problem? Try a DivaCup. […]

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