I love November 1st. The “real” holidays are finally here! Halloween drives me nuts – as a schoolteacher in my pre-baby life, I hated the candy crazed, costume obsessed days at the end of October. And now, I hate feeling like I have to dress my BABY up in an outfit and go hauling him around for candy (which we didn’t do, by the way), and I hate feeling like I have to spend money on junk food to give to total strangers’ kids.

But then, ahhhhh, November. The fall season is really underway, with gorgeous colors and crisp air and cold breezes. In a few weeks, it will be my 26th birthday. And then it iwll be Thanksgiving! And then Christmas! And then New Year’s Day! And then NewDotBaby’s first birthday!

I absolutely love these holidays. They are the real bright spots of the year. And since this year will be NewDotBaby’s first chance to experience all of them, I have been thinking about them for MONTHS. What a relief that the calendar has finally caught up with my heart.


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