It’s MEME Again, Margaret

I AM: happy with the life I’ve made.

I WANT: to have five children.

I WISH: my husband wanted that many.

I HATE: paying the bills.

I MISS: having my mom nearby.

I FEAR: my husband won’t resist the allure of nurses (in a terribly cliche’d way).

I HEAR: my baby’s white noise machine.

I WONDER: if I’ll ever go back to school for my doctorate.

I REGRET: that relationship when I was a senior in high school

I AM NOT: tall.

I DANCE: every day, in the kitchen and living room, with my 8 month old.

I SING: loudly, and I think I’m really good.

I CRY: when I read old letters.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: punctual.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: scrapbooks.

I WRITE: less than I used to.

I CONFUSE: my left and my right more often than I care to admit.

I NEED: to lose about 9 more pounds of pregnancy weight.

I SHOULD: stop having dessert if I’m serious about that.

I START: writing a lot of novels and short stories.

I FINISH: cleaning up behind my husband, all the time.

Mommy’s Dirty Little Secret: Dirty Little Secret #14


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