A Clothes Call

There are clothing woes going on right now…. WOES, I tell you!

I need to be ironing clothes right now. NewDotDad is a surgical resident, didja know that? And so most of the time he lives in scrubs –which, just f.y.i., the hospital will totally wash for you. It’s like a vending machine, you put in your ID card, a pair of fresh clean scrubs pops out. You wear them all day while you slice and dice your happy patients, and then you stick them into some kind of receptacle (I’m a little fuzzy on the details here) and get out a fresh pair the next day. Here’s the thing. This would either involve wearing a regular-people-outfit to the hospital each day, storing said outfit in a locker or bag or call room or what have you, and changing back into it at the end of each day. You know how on Grey’s Anatomy, they have a nice big high-schooly locker room with benches and lockers and showers? That is SO not true. Or at least that’s what NDD tells me. So it would be way too inconvenient to take clothes to work and dress out change clothes twice a day. Instead, he just gets a whole bunch of pairs of scrubs from the vending machine, brings them home, and I get to do the hospital’s laundry (and try not to think about what kind of nasty germs and diseases and body parts and bodily fluids have come in contact with that laundry.) Wooo-eeee. That is fun times, people. -but once a week on Grand Rounds he dresses up. So I get to iron big manly dress shirts and slacks.

I really hate ironing. I used to iron on Sunday nights, when American Dreams was on. “We’re coming up like flowers… we’re coming up to the cracks that live ’round here… Everybody knows we have no fear… this is my gener-a-hay-a-a-a-a-tion” (You know you sang along too!) Then they went and cancelled AD, and know I don’t have any show to iron to. I have a LOT of shows I like to watch – but nothing homey and sappy and predictable enough that you don’t really miss anything while you’re focusing on buttons and pleats and cuffs and not burning the nice Polo logos.

There are other clothing problems in the NewDotHousehold…. winter is coming. We lived in one of the southernmost-est points of the US until just a few months ago, and I spent my winters in sleeveless tops and strappy sandals. It was eternal summer of the spotless sky, people! And now we live in a place with four real seasons.

The other day it was suddenly, out of the clear blue sky, a frigid 47 degrees. I don’t know about you, but to me that is like the Weather Gods declaring war. I am looking forward to winter, theoretically. I like the IDEA of snowy days and a white Christmas and all that. But I am not equipped for it.

The last time I bought sensible shoes that cover both the toe and heel area was over four years ago! I have a few sweaters — circa 2000. Luckily they are solid colors and I think classic enough to get by. But I have idea where to begin forming a cold-weather wardrobe. To complicate matters, I’m still nursing NewDotBaby (he’ll be 1 in February, and I hope to go at least that long with breastfeeding) so I can’t just run into the GAP and buy whatever’s on the mannequin. I have to have (at least in my tops and dresses) nursing access.


One Response to A Clothes Call

  1. LauraJ says:

    why do they always cancel the good shows? I lurved that show too!!

    got your blog from the big nablopomo list at fussy’s

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