The Makeup Bag Meme

(as seen on VeryMom)

I don’t use a makeup bag unless I’m traveling. At home, all my makeup stays in this little wooden box that I painted to match our bathroom set. I was impressed with my own craftiness until I saw this photograph – now, not so much…. :-s

L-R, top row to bottom row

1.Almay smart shade makeup, with SPF 15, in “light”. I really, really love this product – it makes me feel finished but it’s easy to put on and hard to screw up (read: no demarcation line at the neck).2.Clinique City Cover compact concealer in “city fair”. A post-partum sleep deprived new mommy MUST.

3. Clinique Blended Face powder in “transparency 3” which must be code for Whitey Whitey Pale Chick. And the brush that came with it – I keep meaning to buy new makeup brushes, but ehh, it hasn’t happened yet.

4. Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush in “smoldering plum.” Yummy yummy color. Goes really well with my skin tone and looks natural, not pepto-bismol pink or wierd orangey coral (which seemed to happen with most of my previous blush choices in the past).

5. Eyeshadows & brush – Clinique High Impact Eye Shadow Quad “island breeze” (contains a shimmery tan, a medium brown, a sheer pale greeny teal, and a deep tealy blue); Clinique Pair of Shade in “twilight mauve and brandied plum” (this is at least two years old, but they don’t carry the colors anymore and the mauve is all gone but I love the plum so I can’t bring myself to throw it out); Merle Norman Luxiva Lasting Eyecolor in “rosewater” (a gift from my step-grandmother-in-law, but a surprisingly good color for me).

6. Clinique Brow Shaper in “07 soft brown”, Revlon stainless tweezer, Clinique Brow Shaper brush & pencil in black, nail scissor (yes, this is made for nails, but I have these crazy eyebrows that will grow up in triangles on the ends like an elf, so I not only tweeze but trim to keep them looking like normal human mommy brows)

7. Clinique High Impact Mascara in “01 black” and eyelash curler. The pads on that curler badly need replacing, but it’s not high on the priority list.

8. Lipsticks and Lipglosses. See zoom photo.

A.Clinique Colour Surge Lipstick in “nude splurge”
B. Loreal Colorjuice in “sparkling pink”
C. Original Chapstick (which has twins on my nightstand, in the diaper bag, in my purse, and in the miscellaneous drawer in the coffee table)
D. Clinique Glosswear for Lips in “air kiss”
E. CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine (this is yummy minty gloss that’s not too sticky but makes me feel dressed up and pretty – too bad it’s like $10.50 a tube!)
F. Merle Norman Luxiva Delites in “pink cadillac”
G. Merle Norman Lipcolor & Lipliner chunky stick (it’s so shaved down that I can’t read the colors anymore, but I love this! The only problem is that it’s a little dry, but one of the glosses takes care of that!)
H. Blistex Spa Effects in “relaxing” (gross flavor and texture, and not really a good soothing or moisturizing balm, so I really need to just throw this out!)


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