Fun With Groceries

Food is fun.

You know, as a kid I realized this simple fact. I looooooooved food. And I loved foods that were not, traditionally speaking, kiddie foods. I adored a good salad, with lots of different types of lettuces. I loved all the exotic looking fruits and vegetables in the produce department (and I will NEVER forget the time my mom let me buy the “overpriced” starfruits and I got to take them home! and slice them up! and eat little juicy stars! It was a highlight of my young life.)

Then, you start to grow up, and you have favorite foods and comfort foods and fast foods. You have those quick dinners because you have band practice and your brother has Boy Scouts and dad has a meeting and mom has to drive everybody everywhere.

And it gets worse when you go to college, because you are eating cafeteria food. And mac’n’cheese. And lots and lots of Ramen. And Jello (which tastes pretty good made with Sprite from the vending machine, actually). And frosting from the plastic tub when you really have a chocolate craving in the middle of studying for a test – or was that just me?

I started having fun again with food when I got married, and I started cooking for NewDotDad (of course, back then he was just NewDotHusband). But NewDotDad is a verrrrrry picky eater who’s never really met a vegetable he liked – except sweet corn – and really hates any recipe which ends in major ingredients of the meal touching. So that pretty much eliminated three-quarters of The Joy of Cooking, you know? Then we moved to South Florida, and the pace of life combined with my new job and NDD’s post-graduate school resulted in a food rut once again. We were back to quick foods, comfort foods, easy foods, and takeout foods.

But now. Ah, now, the JOY and the WONDER and the FUN of food is back. Because NewDotBaby is eating! I mean, he is eating things other than breastmilk, which was fun and all, but not really. He is a good eater. He loves the taste and texture and the whole experience. He gets giddy when we go to the highchair (which is actually a booster seat with a highchair-type tray) and I hand him his plastic spoon. (We take turns – he bangs his spoon around and crams it in his mouth, then I -with the spoon that actually goes in the bowl – give him a mouthful of whatever we’re sampling that day.)

NewDotBaby is going to be seven months old next week, and so far he eats:
rice cereal
sweet potatoes
barley cereal
whole milk yogurt
Gerber puffs (which is basically baby junk food, I know, but this one is a rare entertaining treat for when we eat at a restaurant so that NDB doesn’t grab our knives and forks and pierce his own retinas. So it’s worth it.)
Biter biscuits
Purely-Os (organic version of Cheerios)

Next up will be peas, pears, green beans, and then maybe tofu. I don’t know about the tofu. NDD and I don’t really go in for the soybean curd – but it’s supposed to be soooooooo good for you, and it’s already soft and mushy and perfect for gumming, and NDB doesn’t have any predispositions against food that is soft and mushy and tasteless to get in the way of his enjoying it.

It’s fun, it tell you, fun!


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