Meet NewDotMom

I have one baby, one husband, and way too many family members with way too many opinions.
I have a million questions.
I have a million theories.
I have six books on conception, misconception, and pregnancy loss.
I have three books on pregnancy and one on doing it with a doula.
I have two books on infant development, one book on breastfeeding, one on attachment parenting, and one on raising a son.
I have one book on making your own baby food and one on why we should all cloth diaper.
I have one friend who thinks the way I do – and I’ve never met her in person.
I have dozens of friends who have dozens of parenting styles that just don’t click for me, and that makes me hesitant, doubtful, and worried.
I need information, I need answers, I need experts!
I want to be right, I want to do the right thing for my tiny son, this little brand-new person who actually trusts me to take care of him, meet all his needs, and equip him for the huge world that is waiting beyond our doors.

I’m – and I’ll be back with more.


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