The Announcement Tug O’War

Birth announcements are freakin’ expensive.

I’ve been going back and forth over which ones to order, how much to spend, and how to explain this parenting “necessity” to my husband.

Since we live pretty far away from all our family and a lot of old friends, I want to send a photo announcement when The Kid is born. Most of these people (who love us and have cheered us on through the cancer and the trying to conceive and the miscarriages and are ready to celebrate this birth) won’t get a chance to see our baby in person. Plus, I’m just one of those people who loves photos. I took a photography class once (I’m not that good, but I have a few pictures I’m proud of) and I own a manual SLR, and I scrapbook, and I have dozens of framed photos all over our house.

It looks like plain announcements are usually cheaper than photo announcements, unless you have your photo card printed somewhere like Shutterfly, Winkflash, or Snapfish. These are great sites that get good reviews: quick return of your order, easy to use. But there aren’t many choices of layouts and once I started looking at some “real” stationery sites I found a lot of layouts that I prefer.

Now comes my dilemma. Honestly, I know that most people look at a birth announcement for a few minutes and then toss it. Family members will probably keep it a little longer, and the grandparents will preserve it forever. So is it worth it to spend over $100 on these things? Some of the cards run as much as $2.00 a card (I’ll need about 60 cards), plus shipping, plus stamps to mail them out. That adds up really fast. Since I can barely convince The Husband that sending Christmas cards is a good investment J I don’t know how he’ll feel about the expenditure.

I do want a beautiful announcement that I can proudly place in The Kid’s baby book. I don’t want to spend a small fortune. Are these two goals really so discordant?


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