I’m a little more prepared for this baby. My colleagues at work threw me a baby shower, and their generosity was overwhelming. Considering that I’ve been out of school since the first week in October, I thought I’d been “out of sight, out of mind” and didn’t expect a big shindig.

But they did so much! It was really sweet. They decorated the media center, they had a sweet cake with a stork & a blue bundle that said “Welcome Baby N—“. Each grade level team had gotten me gifts on a different theme (on the go, bathtime, feeding). We recieved our stroller & carseat; our highchair; the baby bathtub; a TON of toys, books, and clothes; blankets and burp cloths; towels and washcloths; and a gift card for anything they forgot. 🙂

Our parents are buying the nursery furniture after the holidays, so that’s taken care of. There are only a few major things left to pick up (baby monitor, swing, diaper bag) and a handful of minor things.

There are still things to be done, like finding a pediatrician and packing the labor bag. But overall I do finally feel more prepared.


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