Could We Cram More into One Week?

This is one of those weeks… We have had so much to do; I should be grateful that I’ve been able to take “work” off the list, but mostly I’m just afraid I’m going to forget to do something important. I’ve turned into a complete List Freak. There are lists in the kitchen, lists on the desk, lists posted in my online buddy group. I have daily to-do lists, Christmas shopping lists, Christmas wishlists for myself & The Husband, overall Christmas to-do lists, the list of what goes in my labor bag, a list for people who need to be called when baby appears, a list of things I need to do before he’s born, another list of things I need to buy before he’s born. And, hey, just by writing this: I now have a list of all my lists!

So a little recap of the week, just so I can feel like I’ve accomplished SOMETHING even in the face of all these daunting lists.

Friday the 18th
Checked National Board for Professional Teaching Standards website: I passed!
Went to dinner with PregnantBarbie & her husband

Saturday the 19th
Had meeting with church group
The Husband attended “Daddy Bootcamp”

Sunday the 20th
Turned 25! Happy Birthday!
Attended childbirth class 9:30 am-5:30 pm

Monday the 21st
Cleaned the whole apartment
Made Thanksgiving menu & sent The Husband grocery shopping

Tuesday the 22nd
Doing laundry
Meeting team of teachers from school for Oct/Nov birthdays

Wednesday the 23rd
Meeting PregnantBarbie for shopping
Baking pecan pie

Thursday the 24th
Cooking Thanksgiving dinner
Stuffing my face!
Decorating for Christmas

The thing is, there are so many women with children and large families nearby, who have a zillion more things to do on the weeks leading up to a holiday. I know it’s really nothing to brag about in the grand scheme of things — but it’s a lot for me to manage with my reduced energy level and this enormous belly.


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