Take My Feet… Please!?

Ugh. I feel (mostly) gross. I can’t go so far as to say, miserable…. but I’m getting there.Don’t get me wrong – I feel guilty about feeling gross! As a woman who struggled with conceiving, I swore that when and if I ever got pregnant, I would be blissfully grateful for every blessed moment that baby was in my womb.Reality struck… and I had my bouts with morning sickness (not bad, but certainly not pleasant!) and then preterm contractions (not painful, but I really wasn’t grateful for them, either!) and now the overwhelming LARGENESS of my belly. I’m thankful that my weight gain has been minimal in my face, arms, legs, hips, & butt; the thing is, it makes my belly seem that much bigger!!! I”m uncomfortable and sleepless and the worst thing of all is, my poor feet haven’t had any TLC in the longest time. They’re not hideous (yet) but I can only reach comfortably for a short time, so they’ve gotten a smattering of lotion or a quick scrub with the pumice but I’ve sadly neglected them, compared to their previous pampering. No longer! I refuse to have ugly feet… especially since I’m consumed with the idea that I could go into labor at any point in the next four weeks or so… I’m calling my spa today and booking a pedicure. And a manicure, while I’m at it. (I’d get my hair done, but Chris might have a fit!) 🙂


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